Mastercard Centre: Events & Catering

Skating & Hockey Parties

Package your next birthday party or celebration with an ice rental, a party room, and delicious catering services at the Mastercard Centre. Your guests will love skating on the same rink as their favourite NHL superstars!

Party bookings include a minimum of 1 hour on the ice and 2 hours in the room (access during the time spent on-ice + 1 hour before or after that).

2017-18 Fall/Winter Rates:

  • Ice fee – $377.88/hr + tax
  • Room fee – $75.00/hr + tax
    • The full amount paid in room rental fees can be used as an in-house catering credit
    • For example: If you have the room for 2 hours it will cost $169.50, which means you’ll then automatically have $169.50 in usable credit towards your food and beverage order with us

You can contact our catering team directly to discuss food and beverage options.

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