Mastercard Centre: Facility Rentals

Seasonal Ice Contracts

2018 Spring/Summer: Our online application has closed for this season. If you’re looking to discuss weekly ice time options, please contact us directly.

2018-2019 Fall/Winter: We will be opening the online application for the upcoming season in the coming weeks (May-June). Please make sure you are on our email list to ensure you are notified.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us.

Last Minute & Spot Rental Ice

All last minute/spot rentals must be paid in full at the time of booking (no exceptions). Spot rental bookings are secured and committed to upon booking, as there are no refunds or cancellations permitted for these types of bookings. Last minute bookings cannot be used to replace seasonal contract bookings. We typically publish 1-2 weeks of last minute availability and only include Prime Time ice times. If you’re looking for anything beyond what’s posted or on a weekday during the day, please contact us.

Times posted are for 50 minutes, because they include the 10 minute flood.

Friday, April 205:00pm-5:50pm$150 - SALE!
Friday, April 206:00pm-6:50pm$150 - SALE!
Friday, April 207:00pm-7:50pm$150 - SALE!
Saturday, April 2110:15am-11:05am$150 - SALE!
Saturday, April 213:45pm-4:35pm$150 - SALE!
Saturday, April 214:00pm-4:50pm$150 - SALE!
Saturday, April 215:45pm-6:35pm$150 - SALE!
Saturday, April 216:45pm-7:35pm$150 - SALE!
Saturday, April 219:00pm-9:50pm$150 - SALE!
Sunday, April 228:00am-8:50am$150 - SALE!
Sunday, April 229:00am-9:50am$150 - SALE!
Sunday, April 2211:45am-12:35pm$150 - SALE!
Sunday, April 2212:00pm-12:50pm$150 - SALE!
Sunday, April 221:00pm-1:50pm$150 - SALE!
Sunday, April 223:00pm-3:50pm$150 - SALE!
Sunday, April 224:00pm-4:50pm$150 - SALE!
Sunday, April 225:45pm-6:35pm$150 - SALE!
Sunday, April 227:30pm-8:20pm$150 - SALE!
Sunday, April 228;30pm-9:20pm$150 - SALE!
Sunday, April 229:30pm-10:20pm$150 - SALE!
Monday, April 239:45pm-10:35pm$356.64
Tuesday, April 247:15pm-8:05pm$356.64
Tuesday, April 248:15pm-9:05pm$356.64
Tuesday, April 249:15pm-10:05pm$356.64
Wednesday, April 255:45pm-7:05pm (1.5)$534.96
Wednesday, April 258:15pm-9:05pm$356.64
Wednesday, April 258:15pm-9:35pm$534.96
Wednesday, April 259:15pm-10:05pm$356.64
Thursday, April 267:30pm-8:20pm$356.64
Thursday, April 267:45pm-8:35pm$356.64
Thursday, April 268:30pm-9:20pm$356.64
Thursday, April 269:00pm-9:50pm$356.64
Sunday, April 295:00pm-5:50pm$356.64
Sunday, April 296:00pm-6:50pm$356.64
Sunday, April 297:00pm-7:50pm$356.64
Sunday, April 298:00pm-8:50pm$356.64
Sunday, April 299:00pm-9:50pm$356.64
Monday, April 3010:30pm-11:20pm$356.64
Tuesday, May 110:15pm-11:05pm$356.64
Tuesday, May 110:15pm-11:05pm$356.64

*We aim to keep the list of available ice as up to date as possible, however, at times the hours listed may already be booked. Please contact us for further information and to secure your ice. Prices shown exclude applicable taxes (HST – 13%).

Rink Information

Toronto’s Mastercard Centre has 4 ice rinks available for rent, including:

  • 3 NHL ice rinks at 200′ x 85′ (Toronto Maple Leafs Rink, Toronto Marlies Rink, and Sailun Tire Rink)
  • 1 IIHF size rink at 200′ x 100′ (Hockey Canada Rink)

The 3 NHL-size ice rinks contain 5 or 6 dressing rooms each and spectator bench seating for up to 200. The Hockey Canada ice rink has 5 dressing rooms and stadium seating for up to 1,000.

Terms and Conditions for all Ice Rentals

  1. Seasonal contract bookings may be paid by credit card, in advance, or by post-dated cheque installments throughout the season. Terms and conditions of payment are included in the ice contract that must be reviewed, signed and returned to the office prior to the contract beginning.
  2. Spot ice bookings require full payment at the time of booking and may be made by credit card. Spot rental bookings are non-refundable.
  3. Non-Affiliated groups (private individuals and groups) will require insurance. If your group does not have insurance, we will add an insurance premium charge to your rental. Fees will automatically include a minimum $2 million liability insurance coverage. Affiliated Organization’s will need to provide proof of insurance coverage and additional details in advance of booking.
  4. All ice rentals include a 10 min flood. For example, a 60 minute rental is 50 minutes of ice time and 10 minutes for a flood.
  5. All User’s must provide their own locks for their assigned dressing rooms.
  6. Dressing rooms can be accessed up to 30 minutes before and must be vacated no later than 30 minutes following your permitted time.

Off-Ice Room/Space Rentals

Room rentals are available for groups of all sizes. Mastercard Centre also offers top-quality catering services and we’re happy to host your group for:

  • Tournaments
  • Camps
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Events
  • Team Celebrations
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Meetings

The Mastercard Centre has a number of spaces that you can rent to host your event including our Executive Boardroom, the second floor Community Room, the East Lobby (looking into the Maple Leafs & Marlies practice pads), the Rink 1 Olympic Bowl, and our newly constructed event space overlooking all rinks from above on the 2nd level.

How to Book Space

For rentals and inquiries, please contact us during business hours.
*Fall/Winter 2017-2018: Monday-Friday – 9:00am-5:00pm