Mastercard Centre Ice Rentals

How to Book Ice

For Ice Rentals inquiries, please contact us

Toronto’s Mastercard Centre has four ice rinks available for rent including

  • 3 NHL ice rinks at 200′ x 85′ (Toronto Maple Leafs Rink, Toronto Marlies Rink and Sailun Tire Rink)
  • 1 IIHF size rink at 200′ x 100′ (Hockey Canada Rink)

The three NHL-size ice rinks contain 5 or 6 dressing rooms each and spectator bench seating for up to 200. The Hockey Canada ice rink has 5 dressing rooms and stadium seating for up to 1,000.

Seasonal Ice Contracts

Fall/Winter 2017-18 Ice Contract application forms are now available.  For renewals or new contracts please download and complete the ice application using this link:

Email the completed form to

Available Ice

Ice is available on a first come, first served basis.  All last minute ice rentals must be paid in full at time of booking.  To secure a booking please contact the office at (416) 251-5219 or email

*We aim to keep the list below of available ice as up to date as possible, however, at times the hours listed below may already be secured.  All ice listed below is plus applicable taxes (13%).

DayStart TimePrice
Monday, Mar 27th10:15PM$175.00
Tuesday, Mar 28th4:45PM$175.00
Friday, Mar 31st4:30PM$175.00
Saturday, April 1st6:15PM$175.00
Saturday, April 1st7:15PM$175.00
Saturday, April 1st8:15PM$175.00
Saturday, April 1st9:15PM$175.00
Sunday, April 2nd3:15PM$175.00
Sunday, April 2nd6:15PM$175.00
Sunday, April 2nd7:15PM$175.00
Sunday, April 2nd9:15PM$175.00
Monday, April 3rd4:00PM$175.00
Monday, April 3rd8:00PM$175.00
Monday, April 3rd8:45PM$175.00
Monday, April 3rd9:00PM$175.00
Tuesday, April 4th5:30PM$175.00
Tuesday, April 4th6:30PM$175.00
Tuesday, April 4th8:45PM$175.00
Tuesday, April 4th9:45PM$175.00
Wednesday, April 5th4:15PM$175.00
Wednesday, April 5th5:15PM$175.00
Wednesday, April 5th8:15PM$175.00
Wednesday, April 5th9:15PM$175.00
Wednesday, April 5th10:15PM$175.00
Thursday, April 6th4:15PM$175.00
Thursday, April 6th5:15PM$175.00
Thursday, April 6th6:15PM$175.00
Thursday, April 6th7:15PM$175.00
Thursday, April 6th8:15PM$175.00
Thursday, April 6th9:15PM$175.00
Thursday, April 6th10:15PM$175.00
Saturday, April 8th8:15AM$175.00
Sunday, April 9th11:30AM$175.00
Sunday, April 9th12:30PM$175.00
Sunday, April 9th1:30PM$175.00
Sunday, April 9th2:30PM$175.00
Sunday, April 9th3:30PM$175.00
Sunday, April 9th4:30PM$175.00
Sunday, April 9th5:15PM$175.00
Sunday, April 9th6:15PM$175.00
Sunday, April 9th7:15PM$175.00
Monday, April 10th4:15PM$175.00
Monday, April 10th6:15PM$175.00
Monday, April 10th8:15PM$175.00
Tuesday, April 11th5:15PM$175.00
Wednesday, April 12th8:30PM$175.00
Wednesday, April 12th9:30PM$175.00
Wednesday, April 12th10:30PM$175.00
Thursday, April 13th4:30PM$175.00
Thursday, April 13th8:00PM$175.00
Thursday, April 13th8:30PM$175.00
Thursday, April 13th10:30PM$175.00
Monday, April 17th5:30PM$175.00
Monday, April 17th8:30PM$175.00
Tuesday, April 18th4:45PM$175.00
Wednesday, April 19th9:45PM$175.00
Thursday, April 20th9:30PM$175.00
Saturday, April 22nd5:00PM$175.00
Saturday, April 22nd6:00PM$175.00
Saturday, April 22nd7:00PM$175.00
Saturday, April 22nd8:00PM$175.00
Saturday, April 22nd9:00PM$175.00
Saturday, April 22nd10:00PM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd8:15AM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd9:15AM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd10:15AM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd12:15PM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd1:15PM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd3:15PM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd4:00PM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd5:00PM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd6:00PM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd7:00PM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd8:00PM$175.00
Sunday, April 23rd9:00PM$175.00
Thursday, April 27th8:30PM$175.00
Sunday, April 30th6:15PM$175.00
Sunday, April 30th7:15PM$175.00
Sunday, April 30th8:15PM$175.00

Terms and Conditions for all Ice Rentals

  1. Seasonal contract bookings may be paid by credit card, in advance, or by post-dated cheque installments throughout the season. Terms and conditions of payment are included in the ice contract that must be reviewed, signed and returned to the office prior to the contract beginning.
  2. Spot ice bookings require full payment at the time of booking and may be made by credit card. Spot rental bookings are non-refundable.
  3. All ice users must have accident insurance before participating in any on ice activity. If your group does not have insurance, we will add an insurance premium charge to your rental. If you already have accident insurance, the Mastercard Centre for Hockey Excellence should be named as an additional insured.
  4. All ice rentals include a 10 min flood. For example, a 60 minute rental is 50 minutes of ice time and 10 minutes for a flood. Our floods are the first 10 minutes of each rental.
  5. All User’s must provide their own locks for their assigned dressing rooms.