Mastercard Centre: Parties & Catering

Skating & Hockey Parties

Package your next birthday party or celebration with an ice rental, a party room, and delicious catering services at the Mastercard Centre. Your guests will love skating in the same place as their favourite NHL superstars!

2019 Spring/Summer Party Booking Fees:

  • Ice Time: $356.64/hr + tax
  • Dining Area: Free
    • This is coordinated in public spaces within the facility
    • We do not have a Party Room we can provide at this time
  • External Catering Fee: $50/hr + tax
    • If you cater exclusively through us, this fee is waived
    • If you bring in any outside food/drink for the event, we have to charge $50/hr + tax as is competes with our business
    • Click here for our event menu

Paying for your party:

  • Upon booking, you will be charged the rental fees for:
    • Ice time costs
    • External catering fee (if applicable)
  • Any outstanding fees are charged on the day of your party, including:
    • Catering invoice + any add-ons for the event
    • If any non-permitted food/beverage were brought in, the external catering fee is added and charged

Please fill out the request form below and we’ll follow-up with applicable options: